Frequently Asked Questions

ShopVISION is the groundbreaking new digital sourcing solution for optical and optometric professionals. On our dedicated platform, buyers can source products, build relationships with suppliers and manage all of their product discovery and research needs. From finding the latest styles, comparing pricing between suppliers, and requesting one-on-one meetings to posting questions on the social timeline or streaming product demos, marketplace will be the global hub for all things sourcing in the vision industry.

For qualified industry professionals, registration is free.

It is difficult to say exactly how many buyers will be active on ShopVISION. However, demand for sourcing is high and we are sending invitations to tens of thousands of vetted buyers from Vision Expo.

Since we have already received serious interest in this new platform, we expect hundreds of companies will join us, with thousands of curated products.

International suppliers can participate and we will allow international buyers to participate as well. Contact for more information.

Each member will have a unique company profile area and a product showroom. The showrooms will function a lot like booths do at Vision Expo; you can showcase your newest and top-selling products, add product videos, PDF catalogs, and give direct links to your website. We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to ensure your showroom is just as you want it.

No, you can add as many products as you want, but we recommend that you focus your virtual showroom on your top selling and newest products. Think about what buyers are traditionally looking for. There will be several ways to engage buyers with your entire product portfolio if they’re looking for items beyond what you’re promoting in your showroom.

Yes, we will be holding weekly webinars and there will be a representative available to answer any questions or provide any assistance. You can attend multiple webinars if it is helpful, and we’ll post a recording to watch at your convenience. There is also a Quick Start Guide available.

We will have representatives from the platform and from our own team available to assist you in having the best experience possible.

ShopVISION offers a robust search function. Also, our system will provide buyers with additional product recommendations based on the items they look at within the platform. So ShopVISION will match buyers to products based on both their searches and their behavior within the platform. The system will create many opportunities for buyers to find supplier companies and products.

The ShopVISION team will also be marketing a wide array of products and brands throughout the year. In addition, the ShopVISION community will be energized by Feature Weeks which focus on helping buyers explore and discover new products in varying market segments.  

You will be able to chat, schedule meetings and have video conference calls with buyers. You will also know what buyers visited your showroom and which of your products they looked at, and can request a meeting with them through the platform. You will also have on-demand chat and video conferencing capabilities with buyers. You will see which buyers visited your virtual showroom and what actions they took while there (watched a video, clicked on a link, requested a sample, etc.).

All of these features are optional and can be enabled or disabled in your account.

The meeting scheduling function opens when buyers come onto the platform on the first day. Until then, think of the platform as being in “move-in mode.”

If no one is in your virtual showroom when a buyer requests a meeting or chat, you will be notified by email. You can respond directly to that buyer and schedule a meeting.